Sunday, July 31, 2011

16 and Pregnant: Where Are They Now Season 1 and 2A)

Nikkole Paulun: As you may remember in Nikkole's episode, her boyfriend Josh and her mother fought all the time. Nikkole's mom didn't want her with Josh, because she didn't like him. I had to agree with Nikkole's mom.
Since filming wrapped, Josh was sent to jail, and Nikkole is raising Lyle, by herself and with the help of her mom. Nikkole saw Josh one night when Lyle was nine months old, she called the police on him. While filming Nikkole said that Josh was in jail for five months, and he going to be released in fives days. Nikkole talks about how she wants to be with Josh because she loves him, and for Lyle. I think she needs to stay away from Josh he is no good for her, or Lyle. But he needs to grow up and take care of his son, because he's going to miss out on alot of things. After Josh is released from jail, Nikkole and Lyle moved in with Josh. Maybe she'll learn how bad Josh is for her.

Lizzie Waller-Sickles: Lizzie is the girl that had the perfect family, perfect boyfriend, and was hoping for a perfect baby. Until she found out that her boyfriend/fiance cheated on her. After a heartfelt apology, Lizzie had her ring back.
Lizzie and Skyler got married five months after filming wrapped, they got married. They are still living with Lizzie's mom. Lizzie says that Summer is a really happy baby, and if you watch her in the special, you can see that. Lizzie says that she doesn't like living under her moms roof, as a married couple. She doesn't hang out with most of her friends anymore, and she mostly hangs out with her friend Jessica, and her son because she understands what it's like to be a teen mom. She understands that she can't go out at the spur of the moment. Lizzie is going to college to become a dental assistant, and while she's at school and Skyler is working her mom or dad will take summer.

Samantha Hernandez: Samantha is living with her mom, and two brothers. She tried living with Eric and his family but they started fighting alot, so she moved out. Eric's mom was upset, and told her not to come back. Eric and Samantha are still together, and Samantha describes Jordyn as a drama queen, and if you've watched this you'll see it. Jordyn is so cute, and has alot of hair. Samantha also talks about how things use to be, like how they wold go out and have fun, but that all changed. Eric also gave her a promise ring, he said is was so she would know that he would always be there for her, and Jordyn. Eric works alot, and when  he's off work he goes to see Jordyn, or he'll take her to his house. I'm glad that they're still together because they are two good people, and now they have a daughter. I think they'll be together for a long time.

Lori Wickelhaus: Lori as you may remember gave her son, Aiden up for adoption. She really wanted to keep her son but her and her ex-boyfriend Corey weren't ready.
Lori gets pictures of Aiden every few months, and he's gotten really cute, he has red hair like Corey. He looks alot like his dad. For Lori's birthday her parents got her a dog, and she said that if she had a dog before she got pregnant it probaly would've been an easier decision. She also says that she hasn't talked to Corey in months, and that he doesn't go to see his son. Lori also says that she's glad her mom pushed for adoption because she knew she  was going to have to give him up, she didn't want to admit it to herself. She's also on birth control but not looking or have a man. She just wants to be safe.

Valerie Fairman: Valerie is still doing home schooling, so she can stay home with Nevaeh. Valerie and Matt worked things out, and he did do a DNA test, and Nevaeh is his daughter. Matt still works an hour away, and helps financially with his and Valerie's daughter. Matt visit more often then before. Valerie got her license and can drive around with her daughter.

Whitney Purvis: After their episode, Whitney was overcome with all the new responsibilities, and she and big Weston broke up. A few months after that they learned that baby Weston had a genetic disorder, and they got back together, and wanted to get baby Weston better. She and Weston made the mutual decision not to have anymore kids, because of baby Weston's genetic disorder. They don't want to have to have kids with that. I think that was a good decision.

Nicole Fokos: Nicole and Tyler stopped with the house hopping and, Nicole stays at her mom and Tyler will go over and visit. Nicole and Tyler are still together and plan to get married. Nicole works at a fast food restaurant, and they want to save up for a home. They have to be one to best couples, they were together for awhile before she got pregnant, and they've proven to be great parents to Brooklyn. I can't wait to see their wedding photos.

Ebony Jackson Rendon: Ebony and Josh got married a few months after filming. Josh did go into the air force as a mechanic. Ebony doesn't really get along with the other wives because they're older and look down on the younger ones. Josh really wants another baby because he missed out on alot with Jocelyn and wants to see everything with the new baby. Most couples aren't ready for another baby but of all of the 16 and Pregnant couples Ebony and Josh have to be the most prepared.

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