Tuesday, July 5, 2011

16 and Pregnant: Felicia Cooke (Season 2B)

Felicia was with her boyfriend, Alex for about two years before she got pregnant. Through out her episode her boyfriend, Alex treats her like crap. He's always going out, and hanging out with his friends. Leaving her all alone. Her mom and Alex start fighting so they move in with her sister, but nothing changes and after Genesis is born Felicia tells her mom she wants to go back home with her.
I think that Alex should have stayed home more with Felicia, and help her get everything ready for Genesis instead of hanging out with his friends. I also think that Alex should have saved his money instead of wasting it on a pair of sneakers. Like when Felicia said they needed the stroller but he went out and spent money with his friends. Even after Genesis was born he still went out, and Felicia needed him to help with the baby so she could do the homework she had overdue. Alex can't just think about himself and what he wants, it's all about Genesis now. He has to give up his teenage years and stay home with the baby and work. He can't go out anymore, he lost his freedom when Felicia got pregnant. He has to give all that up now for the next eighteen years. Hopefully Genesis doesn't get pregnant when she's sixteen. Hopefully Alex is around more and helps out with the baby, because that is his number one priority now.

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