Friday, July 8, 2011

16 and Pregnant: Jamie McKay (Season 3)

Jamie seemed like a nice and sweet girl until you meet her boyfriend Ryan. He is a new breed of douchebag, he almost missed his daughters birth. Jamie's mom doesn't even like him, and neither do I. I mean look at him, he parties alot and drinks.
I can't believe that of all the guys in town she picked him, I mean their has to be someone better. Ryan was barely there for any of her appointments, and was partying alot. Jamie's mom brought Jamie to most of her appointments. I really think that Jamie should have just dumped Ryan, and had a civil relationship with him for their daughter Miah. Jamie doesn't need him in her life, but Miah does. If my baby daddy had shown up to the birth of my child, I would've dumped his ass, their daughter don't need that.
Also Ryan needs to understand that he can't take Miah home because she is only a newborn, and she needs her mother for food. Ryan needs to grow up alot before he should even ask to bring Miah home with him. He is not ready to care of a baby he can barely take care of himself, and if he can't take care of himself than what makes him think he can take care of Miah?

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